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Your Web Marketing Strategy or Why We Don’t Just Build Websites

We talk a lot about the importance of having a Web marketing strategy.

We do that because we know a standalone website, no matter how much has been invested in it, no matter how beautiful it is, will do nothing for your business.

Websites must be constantly developed and maintained if they are to become business assets, as opposed to liabilities.

Your website is just one part of your Web marketing strategy.

But what is a Web marketing strategy?

It sounds like hard work and, for those jaded by boardroom bullshit, it does sound like some kind of management theory new-speak. Be reassured!

Basically, what we want you to do is think about your website as being a small part of your total marketing effort (often called the marketing mix).

Your strategy is your plan for what you want to achieve.

It details the tactics you’ll use to drive or attract traffic to your website, what social media sites you’ll be active on, what content you need, in what format, and who is going to produce it.

Your Web marketing strategy helps you get clear about who your ideal clients actually are and how and where you can reach them.

Your Web marketing strategy helps you to get clear about what your customers need from you, what your offer to them is and why it is valuable.

To formulate a simple Web marketing strategy ask yourself

Why does my business exist?
What’s my offer?
Who are my ideal clients?
What do they want and need from me?
What alternatives do they have?
Why am I different, better or remarkable?
What plans do I have for the next 6, 12, 24 and 36 months?

Your answers to these questions then guide your website development, your Web content production and your social media efforts.

For example, if your ideal client is an end user, a customer rather than another business, Facebook is probably a good place for you to have a page and for you to start and join conversations.

If your ideal customer is another business, you would be better focusing your networking efforts on LinkedIn.

These are only general rule of thumb principles, offered to give you an idea of how your strategy determines your tactics. Every business is different, which is why we always take the time to formulate a Web marketing strategy for each of our clients.

When your website isn’t working

If you have tried Web marketing and failed to gain any attention or traction, failed to make sales or gain clients, we’d bet that you don’t have a clearly thought out marketing strategy (build a website and make sales is not a strategy).

Occasionally we come across clients who have a strategy but it is a document that gathers dust whilst they do their own thing…….strangely that doesn’t work either.

If you haven’t taken the time to think about your clients, the people you are trying to reach, how do you know what content to publish?

I am guessing you have very different conversations with your friends than you have with your parents or children. So it is with clients.

Knowing who they are allows you to speak to them in a way that means they’ll be receptive to what you have to say. It won’t patronise them, nor will it go over their heads.

Convinced about the need for a strategy before you commission a website? Let us help. It doesn’t tie you in to working with us but it will guide you when you make marketing decisions. If you do this one thing you’ll save yourself time, money and the crushing disappointment that comes from looking at Web analytics reports that show low or zero traffic.

If this is something you’d like some help with – we are here.

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