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We’ve already said this, but it is worth repeating, we are a WordPress Development Agency,  but we don’t just build websites.

Don’t misunderstand us, we do build websites, but we do a whole lot more too.

We love working on website projects for professional clients as part of that client’s overall marketing campaign.

However, experience has shown that just building a website is not enough.

Your website needs to be updated, promoted and maintained if it is to deliver on your expectations.

Let’s use the example of buying a car.

You don’t really want a car – you want an easy way to travel around; to reach your destination.

You understand when you buy a car that someone will have to drive it, it will need fuel and insurance and servicing and repair.

You don’t buy a car, park it in your garage and then bemoan the fact that it never takes you anywhere.

Websites are very much like cars.

They have the potential to take your business where you want it to go BUT your website needs a driver(promotion), it needs fuel (content), it needs servicing (maintenance) and it will, at some stage, need to be repaired (support).

We build your website so you can maintain and update it yourself – but you need to make the time to do the things that need to be done.

Of course, we can also attend to things for you – be your chauffeur, your mechanic or, if the worst happens, your tow truck.

That’s why we say we don’t just build websites. We want you to go into this with your eyes open and appreciate what’s required once the website is launched and allow for ongoing upkeep in your web budget.

Make sense?

Working with a WordPress Developer

As our client, you gain access to an insightful and innovative web development and marketing team and we gain immense satisfaction from bringing your vision into reality.

We give our all to client projects, which means we only work on projects where we believe we can make a valuable contribution.

The request is that you use this website worksheet to tell us a little about you, your business and how you’d like help.

We will then be in touch to discuss next steps.

We look forward to learning more about you and your project.

Dee & The PhiloBiz Team

To help you build your business we need some information:

This is where you tell us a little about you and your business, why you need a website and what you want that website to achieve.

The more information you provide, the more helpful we can be. Having said that, if any questions are irrelevant to your particular circumstances please ignore them.

Describe your ideal customer/client
Please provide their website addresses.
Describe how you will know if your web project has achieved your goals.
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