Web Development

web development

Web development describes the process of building your website. This is where functionality is built in to achieve the website’s goals and of course design elements are added to make the site visually pleasing.

You may well have some ideas about what you want your website to do and, once we have found out more about your marketing strategy, we’ll be able to contribute ideas too.

We offer a comprehensive website building and support package to those clients who appreciate there is more to building a successful business website than putting up half a dozen web pages and hoping for the best.

Our platform of choice for web development is WordPress.

All of our websites are developed to be fully responsive and look great when viewed on a desktop screen, tablet or mobile phone.

WordPress powers a significant proportion of websites globally (anything between 20%-30% depending on who you ask) and has significant advantages over proprietary software used by some developers:

  • The software keeps your content separate from the code, which means you will find it easy to update your content without breaking your site
  • WordPress can run a single page brochure site and support a fully functioning eCommerce store or membership site and everything in between. You never need to start from scratch – your website can grow as your business grows
  • The WordPress community is huge, competent and friendly – you’ll never feel held to ransom should you decide you don’t like us any more. You’ll always be able to find competent help
  • You can update the design of your site without interfering with the functionality
  • WordPress core software is free which keeps your web development costs down
  • The search engines like WordPress
  • You can display your content in multiple formats – easily
  • You will be able to learn how to maintain your site yourself, if you are so inclined

We begin with development because whilst we do that you can be focusing on your content, or working with us to create your content for you.

We first produce a simple prototype site, which won’t look pretty but will be fully functional. We get you to sign off and agree on the essential web site functions before we hand the project off to our web design team who complete the build.

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