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We provide a range of web services all designed to help small business owners make the most of the web.

It's really important to us that you consider us your digital business partner and be candid about your business aspirations as well as the reality of your current situation. We can offer you our best help when we understand your business.

A website should be a business asset that earns its keep and it will only do that if it is properly tended. This is why we don't just build websites (you may have heard us mention that once or twice already!).

A website will not magically change a business – a website that’s part of a smart business web marketing strategy will.

We believe we build better business websites because we help our clients to focus on their overall marketing strategy before building up the most appropriate web presence, within a sensible budget.

We then work with clients to maintain, update and promote the business website into the future.

How Can We Help You?

Marketing Strategy

Web Development

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web Promotion

Content Creation

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Pricing Guide

It is impossible to give exact prices because we don’t work with packages for business website development but rather treat all clients as the individuals they are.

We are very keen that customers understand the need not to commit the whole of their web marketing budget to the initial web development phase as ongoing support, security and maintenance is essential.

We always begin with a marketing strategy session which allows us to understand your business and your goals so we can design and develop the best web solution for you. The strategy session is a paid service and should you place your design and development work with us we set the fee against that future work.

Fees for web development depend on the complexity of the site required plus your ability to contribute to the process. If you are providing all of the content to be loaded into a pre-designed theme costs will be significantly lower than if we were to be developing a bespoke site for you from scratch and producing all of your content.

All prices include the delivery of a development and a live site, video tutorials, 30 day follow up consultation and project management services as standard but assume you will be producing the content.

We can and do provide copywriting services – please ask for details.

Also bear in mind the need for ongoing web promotion and maintenance (we have said that already but it seems to be forgotten by so many).

We recommend you start here, send the information across to us so we can book an initial chat – without obligation.

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