International Women’s Day – Your Chance to Back a Dream

..We have been supporters of Kiva for many years making 29 loans available to individuals who had a dream and needed help to achieve that dream.

In honour of International Women’s Day Kiva is offering you a chance to back a dream – at no cost to yourself. We urge you to take them up on this offer and experience the incredible sense of satisfaction you will feel through helping someone less fortunate than you.

This is what Kiva has to say:

More than seven billion people live on Earth. That’s seven billion hearts beating, seven billion bodies breathing, seven billion minds creating thoughts and ideas all over the world. Yet, so many face struggle everyday all around us. Even so, there is one thing that will never cease to be created regardless of the struggles: dreams. Dreams created from the the slums of a bustling gray city, to the parched land of a an isolated farm, to the refugee camps of a war-torn nation.

On March 8, we honour the dreams of a group of people who have been told not to dream. A group of people who have been told “they can’t” more times than they have been told “they can”. We honour a group who have faced abuse for being born the way they are & have been commodified and enslaved. This is a group who brings life into this world, but who are often powerless over their own. We honour women.

Celebrate International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day – and the days that follow – Kiva has launched to spotlight the power of women. It’s their dreams that make our world better.

By visiting, you can back a dream by choosing a woman whom Kiva should lend $25 to. There is no cost to you. By choosing her, you help her to follow her dream. You help her to start or grow her business, send her children to school, and ultimately, gaining financial independence.
When women have the resources to make their dreams a reality, the world changes. More children go to school, more food is grown, and nations are more peaceful and prosperous. If women farmers had equal access to farming assets and finance, they could increase their crop yields up to 30%. 150 million people who go hungry every day would be able to eat. is the world’s first and largest crowdfunding platform for social good with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Since 2005, Kiva and their growing global community of 1.3 million lenders have crowdfunded more than $675 million in microloans, backing the dreams of 1.6 million people.

By contributing to the success of an entrepreneurial woman who has overcome obstacles, we discover so much more about our own resiliency, possibility, and potential. Each of us has a part to play.

Together we can make dreams a reality for thousands of women around the world. So in honour of International Women’s Day and the power of women, back a dream at

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