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How to Write a Great About Page and Why You Should

When a visitor to your website clicks on your about page it’s akin to a customer coming into your shop. There’s interest and curiosity within the visitor and they need to find out whether you can serve their needs.

To capture this visitor’s interest and encourage them to talk to you, your About page needs to give them a chance to get to know you better.

When they click on your About page, your Web visitors are trying to find out who you are and what you stand for as well as what you can do for them.

Your About page is a chance to build trust and nothing builds trust like a photo (or photos). Let people see the person or people they are thinking about doing business with. Show them there is a real person (or people) behind your website.

Be open and candid about yourself. Think about meeting someone new at a social event – how would you talk about yourself and your work?

Be clear about what you do, but more importantly, how what you do helps your clients.

Make it meaningful for them.

You are Enough – Just as You are

Your About page is your chance to be unique. It’s your chance to be who you are, and make that your unique selling point.

The beauty of this is that a modicum of self disclosure attracts the right people to you. Pretend to be something you are not and you will attract the clients who are not a good match for you. It happens.

Provide proof to back up your stories – the old ‘show, don’t tell’ is an effective tactic.

The Internet is a scary place for many people. The anonymity provided by the Web has allowed some to behave badly. This means website visitors are cautious about who they decide to trust.

Your About Page is all About Trust

Everything you do must build trust. In addition to photos, another thing that builds trust is openness and honesty.

Tell people how you work and why you work that way. Add some testimonials to prove the points you make.

The Internet has given the power back to the people. Don’t we all look at feedback on EBay before buying and read the customer reviews on Amazon? We don’t want suppliers and vendors to tell us how good they are, we want to hear it from our peers and friends. This is why testimonials are so powerful.

I know when you are starting out you have no testimonials – but don’t let that stop you crafting an excellent About page. You can add testimonials as they come in. It should go without saying, but for the avoidance of doubt, NEVER fake testimonials. Trust takes an age to build and a moment to lose.

Contact Me…or Not

Don’t make it difficult for the visitor to find you and ask questions. We have all been into shops where sales assistants are nowhere in sight. It’s frustrating in the bricks and mortar world and online. Online, it’s also very easy to click back to Google to find an alternative.

Add contact links within your content and have a variety of contact methods on offer. Different people like different things. Some hate email, some loathe the telephone. Make sure you cater for all tastes – it doesn’t matter what your preference is!

Never Me, Me, Me

If you find it hard to say nice things about yourself (is this just a British trait?) write in the third person or get someone who knows you well to write a paragraph about you.

Find that perfect balance in telling the visitor enough about you, without making it all me, me, me. We’ve all met that person. Right? The one who can hold forth about themselves for-e-ver. Don’t be that person. Say enough but then address the concerns and questions that have brought the reader to your page.

Of course, to be able to produce content for your About page you need to have an understanding of who is going to be reading it. This is why you’ll hear so many marketing gurus talk about client profiles or ideal clients or customer avatars. They want you to get clear about who you can best serve in your business. If you think you can serve everyone, you probably serve no-one.

Review, Revise, Rinse & Repeat

As with just about everything Web related, you will never finish your About page. You’ll often refresh the content as you have testimonials to share and stories to tell. When your market needs shift and when you learn more about your audience, your message will change again.

How is your About page working for you?

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