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Email Marketing – Getting More Opt-Ins

Getting email marketing opt ins can be challenging.

Whilst email marketing may be the proven champion in online sales conversion tactics, there’s no doubt that website visitors are getting more discerning and need more convincing before they give you permission to add them to your list.

There are the easy sign ups.

These are the people who have spent time following your business blog and already know, like and trust you. That’s a phrase you’ll hear me use a lot.

It’s a natural progression for them to subscribe.

But, how do you reach the cynics?

One very focused way of achieving your goal – more email marketing opt ins – is to route web visitors to a dedicated landing page.

Technically, whatever Web page your visitor arrives at your site on, is their landing page.

Gone are the days when your visitors invariably arrived at your home page first and then clicked through to the pages of interest.

Any of your Web pages could be the point of entry for visitors.

If you use Web advertising you can also direct visitors, who click on your ads, to a specific page.

For today, when I refer to a landing page I mean a simple page on your Web site that has no (or very few) other links on it, a page that has one purpose – to gain the sign up.

How do you build a landing page?

If you are using WordPress you may well have a landing page template in your theme templates. If you don’t, you’ll need to ask your developer to add one.

This landing page template is devoid of everything other than information about why the visitor should subscribe to your list and WIIFM (What’s in it for them).

You don’t want to give any other options because options create choice and they can choose to click away. They can also choose to close the page but if they are going to do that you probably don’t want them on your list anyway!

Add images, videos, audio – anything you have that spells out the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

Every visitor knows the end game is to eventually make a sale of some kind but most are willing to overlook that if there is something valuable to be had along the way.

Provide a compelling reason to subscribe for your email marketing opt ins

Next, make sure you have given your visitors a compelling reason to subscribe.

A valuable newsletter may not be enough.

Think about offering content to subscribers that regular web visitors don’t get.

Think about offering subscribers a standard discount on your products and services.

Successful email marketing starts with you crafting a compelling offer that will only benefit subscribers.

Your aim is to open the door to an elite membership available only to subscribers – something they get that non-subscribers don’t.

Having set the scene then you can ask for the email marketing opt-in.

Spell things out. Don’t assume everyone will know what happens when they enter their email address and hit the subscribe button.

Go into detail about the email they will receive asking them to confirm their subscription.

Make it clear that they won’t receive any benefits until they have confirmed – although be careful not to make this sound as if you are holding the promised goods to ransom!

Explain how to white list your email address and why that needs to be done.

As of March 2014 it looks as if Gmail is going to make it very easy for their users to unsubscribe from email newsletters with just one click, so you need to warn your subscribers about this and what it means for them.

Now your landing page is ready for promotion.

As you will (very likely) already have your subscription box prominently displayed on the pages of your website, the best way to link to your landing page is via text link within your content. You could even put a ‘signature’ at the end of every article explaining why the reader should subscribe and linking to your landing page from there.

You can of course also promote your landing page through advertisements.

To begin with, just set up a landing page and see what happens. As you get more adept you can begin to split test site different versions of the landing page, with different headlines and different content, to see how that affects your email marketing opt ins. But, that’s a topic for another article.

If you try to make things too complex in the beginning this will just go on the too hard to do list and never get done – so my advice is to keep it simple, initially at least!

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