Don't just build a website, build your business

  • Learn what you need to know now to avoid problems in the future
  • Discover what types of websites can grow as your business grows - no starting from scratch
  • Get to grips with terminology and technology
  • Learn how to spend your Web budget so you get the most bang for each buck
  • Create a web presence that produces a return on your investment

“ You don't want a website - you want more customers. You need to become an Informed Website Owner so you can build your business - not just a website.

PhiloBiz is a Full Service Digital Marketing and Web Agency

We help our clients to grow their businesses on the Web  

If you want to grow your business by making use of the opportunity the Web represents - please talk to us.

You'll find us as interested in your business as you are​

Websites need to contribute to business objectives

We don't believe in just building websites because we know a website needs to be constantly monitored for improvement opportunities and kept updated if it is to produce a return on the investment made.

If you are not sure where to start, fearful about the cost of decent Web services or simply overwhelmed, why not book one of our website review sessions?
Or grab 10 minutes of our time to clarify your thinking.

A website will not magically change your business - what we do with your website will.

Web Marketing Roadmaps

Your Web marketing budget will go much further if you have a plan. We call it a roadmap. We get to know your business, so we can advise you on the best type of Web presence and the best way to promote your business on the Web, so you reach your ideal clients and customers. No more wasted time, money or effort.

Responsive Business Websites

The responsive part should go without saying nowadays, but you should still be checking! We develop the majority of our client websites on WordPress because this allows your website to grow as your business grows. No starting over when you want to update the design or add functionality

Web Promotion

Because we take the time to get to know you and your business, we can advise on the best way to promote yourself on the Web. We identify where your clients and customers are, what they are looking for and help you reach out to them using content marketing, social media and pay per click advertising.

Web Hosting, Maintenance & Security

Websites must be maintained, updated, backed up and kept secure. We do all the tecchy-geeky stuff for clients so they can concentrate on doing what they do best for their own clients. We offer a variety of hosting (including email) options, depending on client budget. This is the non-sexy side of the Web, but is essential.

We invite you to work through our free short course on websites and Web marketing - the Informed Website Owner course - so you can successfully promote your business on the Web, stay within your marketing budget and avoid the common pitfalls that can catch the unwary.